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What professionals are saying about Opus 1

"It doesn't matter what I do, I   always find something on your CD to go with it"

~Reynold Alexander


"Revelation is a 'Revolution' in the magic community; no magician should be without this copy of high-quality, royalty-free music..."

~Jeff McBride


"I find myself designing a new illusion or concept, just so I can use your music".

~Garry Carson



"Since I have purchased  all of  the Opus CD's, there hasn't been a piece of music I haven't used in my Magic show.  It's done to perfection; if you haven't bought any of the Opus 1 CD's, do so --you don't know what you're  missing.  There is something for everyone". 

Tommy James & Co


"Truly amazing music that's really taken my show to the next level. The only thing to rival the quality of the music is their wonderful customer service. I can't recommend them highly enough"

Nathan Fearon, www.qualitymagic.com.au


"...I have listened to the both of them (Imagination and RevelationV2) and I already have the creative juices flowing. I will work even harder at magic now that I have powerful and emotional music to perform to, in the future I will be contacting you for more music or maybe even music styled for me..."

                                   -Jeff Jenson


I am delighted to speak on behalf of Tommy and his outstanding work.  He has an amazing ability to interpret my ideas into high-quality performance pieces.  In addition, he is extremely thorough, fast, and so easy to work with. I give Tommy my highest recommendation.  He is a pro probably the finest music composer you are ever likely to work with!


"...You are so great!  Thank you so much for helping me out so quickly...Everything is great!  You should get 5 stars for your customer service..."

-Tom Pesce

"Great Music.  Great magic moments"

-Michele d'Auria, www.ascaniomagic.com


"Tommy and his gang at Opus1 are the absolute BEST!! They solve all your problems are you never wait long for a reply.  Opus1 is ALWAYS there to help. For just 99 cents a track they keep you buying more and more.  I DEFINITELY will be back!!  Opus1 only has one competition-themselves!!"

-Magic Evan

"I love Opus 1, their music is so original and Tommy is always very helpful. I have 4 of their cd's and just never fail to find the right piece. Music in performance is an important part of entertainment and not only adds to the whole, but can elevate, making the end result so much better. My magic has improved dramatically since I had the amazing good fortune of finding and using Opus 1 as the soundtrack to all my shows".      -Philip Hilton

"The perfect 'mood' for magic; the perfect 'soundtrack for sorcery'..."

-Abb Dickson, Past International President, I.B.M commenting on 'Sounds of the Sorcerer'.

"Incredible Music!" ~Jack Dougherty

"I love the CD (Sounds of the Sorcerer)!  Great Job!!!" ~KyleLewis

"Great Music" ~Dave Womach

"Excellent!" ~Mark C. White


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