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Sounds of the Sorcerer
Sounds of the Sorcerer
Illusionique: Special Edition
Festivus Maximus
Festivus Maximus
Revelation Combo set

Revelation: rxp-1
The huge follow-up to 'Revelation', RXP-1 contains all the drama, excitement and intensity of the original plus a whole lot more.  Over three years in the making, rxp-1 was conceived as a simple follow-up to an instant-classic,
but evolved into a much bigger project than anyone here could have ever imagined.  Starting with the opening, this 2-disc set takes you into a darkened theater and doesn't let up until the lights come back on.  With 24 tracks, there is enough variety to satisfy even the most discerning performer.  There are an additional 5 tracks which are re-mixes, or alternate versions of three of the tracks.  Continuing with the Revelation theme, the tracks on Disc 2 are mixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.  For those who prefer to use a stereo setup, Disc 1 contains everything on the Dolby disc mixed in traditional 2-channel stereo.  Whichever mix you perform with, your audience will be drenched in pure audio bliss. 

24 royalty-free, music for magic tracks
(plus 5 alternate mixes, for a total of 29 tracks).

--Download individual tracks from this CD at the Download Store--; download the entire stereo-mixed CD for $25.00
(alternate versions and remixes not included in the download version).


$35.00 --includes U.S. and Canada shipping-- NOTE:  Outside U.S. and Canada buyers must purchase additional shipping charge-- $15.00

Track listing and samples
Disc 1 9. Porcelain Doll 4:15 18. Pondering Harry 1:44
1. Surrender Unto Me 3:50 10. 20% Gratuity 1:12 19. R.E.M. (DS5) :55
2. Indian Sunset (DS1) 1:51 11. Unlikely Missionaries 2:23 20. Retribution 3:13
3. When I Look at You 4:11 12. The Happy Fun Song 3:10 21. My Wonderland 3:25
4. Heart Palpitations (DS2) 2:11 13. Insolent Belief 2:20 22. For My Friend :37
5. Can't Get No Relief 1:13 14. Eclipse (DS4) 2:17 23. Farewell 2:52
6. Exploited 2:09 15. Celestial Mechanics 2:06 24. The Gates (DS6) 1:15
7. Light in the Tunnel (DS3) 2:14 16. Le Rufian 3:38 25 - 29 = alt. mixes/versions
8. Flowers on the Wall 2:10 17. Sunkissed 1:28 total time: 64:52
RXP-1 demo A
RXP-1 demo B
RXP-1 demo C
RXP-1 demo D
    The long-awaited follow-up to 'Revelation', rxp-1 is truly a worthy successor.  Very few products deliver the goods when it comes too sequels...this release easily surpasses.
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