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Sounds of the Sorcerer
Sounds of the Sorcerer
Illusionique: Special Edition
Festivus Maximus
Festivus Maximus
Revelation Combo set

 Revelation: rxp-1
Welcome to your Imagination!  Our intent was to produce music so strong, it could actually inspire you to evolve your magic and performance to the next level.  To say this music is extremely versatile and contemporary would be an understatement.  We have also given you a new way to use Opus 1 music: Part 2 of the CD contains three songs with different versions; not just simple remixes, but you will hear the similarities.  To ensure we've covered all areas of your show, we have included preshow and post-show music, as well as a 10min. intermission piece (yes: 10 minutes!).  Audience chasers for retrieving volunteers are included, and you'll cherish the great moments with our special openers, tags, segues and endings.

21 royalty-free, music for magic tracks

--Download individual tracks from this CD at the Download Store--; download the entire CD for only $20.00


$25.00 --includes U.S. and Canada shipping-- NOTE:  Outside U.S. and Canada buyers must purchase additional shipping charge-- $15.00

Track listing and samples
Part ONE Part TWO Part THREE
1. Preshow  5:44 7. Intrigue   3:33 15. Intermission  10:00
2. Opening1  2:04 8. Seduction   2:05 16. Opening2  :49
3. Opening Tag  :37 9. Seduction2   3:45 17. Opening Tag2  :26
4. Audience Chaser1  1:02 10. Shackled   2:13 18. Aud. Chaser2  :43
5. Segue1  1:23 11. Shackled2   3:35 19. Segue2  1:24
6. Ending1  1:08 12. Fascination   1:08 20. Ending2  1:23
  13. Fascination 2  3:50 21. Postshow  5:00
  14. Trance  2:22 total time: 54:23
    Imagination was the third release by Opus 1.  The main goal of this release was to introduce magicians to the concept of inspiration.  In addition, we wanted to re-introduce the Sounds of the Sorcerer format: a CD covering every aspect of your show.
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