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Sounds of the Sorcerer
Sounds of the Sorcerer
Illusionique: Special Edition
Festivus Maximus
Festivus Maximus
Revelation Combo set

 Revelation: rxp-1
Illusionique: Special Edition
Illusionique: Special Edition offers 16 tracks of high-energy dance, emotional and dramatic royalty-free performance music. 'Bonus' tracks are taken from the now discontinued 'Discovery' CD, so the once exclusive 'Spanish Flight' song is now available on this CD. Illusionique S.E. now contains a couple segues, a scene change, plus all the powerful pieces from the original Illusionique, now remastered for an even greater impact than before. Tracks included are: a powerful show opener and closer, a levitation piece, origami,...even a beautiful intermission piece. Enjoy the samples below! 

16 royalty-free, music for magic tracks 

--Download individual tracks from this CD at the Download Store--; download the entire CD for only $20.00


$25.00 --includes U.S. and Canada shipping-- NOTE:  Outside U.S. and Canada buyers must purchase additional shipping charge-- $15.00

Track listing and samples
1. Entree   :58 7. Allegro   3:21 Special Edition Tracks
2. Imaginer   3:01 8. Angelique   4:13 13. Segue   1:06
3. Mystique   2:13 9. Seduction   4:11 14. The Abyss
4. Ingenieux   2:54 10. Berceuse   3:50 15. Scene Change   :53
5. Voix Celestes   4:42 11. Mystere   4:30 16. Spanish Flight   3:23
6. Illusionique   3:42 12. Fine   1:28 total time: 46:22
    Illusionique was the second release by Opus 1.  The emphasis on this CD was to create a number of full-length, dramatic illusion pieces, as opposed to "a-little-bit-of-everything".  While this release doesn't have a high track count (compared to the other releases), it has proven to be an indespensable tool to the professional stage magician.
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