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Sounds of the Sorcerer
Sounds of the Sorcerer
Illusionique: Special Edition
Festivus Maximus
Festivus Maximus
Revelation Combo set

 Revelation: rxp-1
Festivus Maximus
Your Future is NOW...  If you revel in the thought of originallity, then be compelled to think outside the shadow box more than ever; this CD will drastically changing the traditional approach to using 'music-for-magic'.  Festivus MaximusWe took the concept of inspiration from the Imagination CD and expanded upon it while adding a very 'World-ly' sound.  What's more, it stays true to the Opus 1 vibe; not just with the music, but the 'all-in-one' format found on Sounds of the Sorcerer and Imagination.  In addition to a captivating Preshow track (with a voice-over announcement), a post-show track, chasers and segues are included along with full-length routines.  This CD is truly one-of-a-kind; no creative-minded magician should be without it!

28 royalty-free, music for magic tracks

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$25.00 --includes U.S. and Canada shipping-- NOTE:  Outside U.S. and Canada buyers must purchase additional shipping charge-- $15.00

Track listing and samples
In Principio 10. Ramesses 1:24 19. Ex proprio motu 1:25
1. Festivus Maximus 3:55 11. Sine cura 4:05 20. Et cetera :25
2. Skenographia1 :36 12. Die dulci freure 1:37 21. Et tu, Brute? 3:56
3. Vivat regina 1:06 Ad Infinitum 22. Dum spiro spero 3:56
4. Vivat rex 1:32 13. Pax 3:11 23. Skenographia3 :50
5. Circus Maximus 2:45 14. Ad sum :14 24. Advocatus diaboli 3:19
6. Semper Fidelis 1:04 15. Ecce signum 1:20 25. In futuro 3:16
7. Omnia vincit amor 4:50 16. Sub dio 1:07 26. Via Lactea 1:30
8. Cogito, ergo sum  :42 17. Aurora borealis 3:04 27. Magister mundi sum! 1:08
9. Skenographia2 :23 18. Aurora australis  :12 28. Vade in pace 2:55
total time: 60:48
    Festivus Maximus was the fourth release by Opus 1.  With all songs titled in Latin,you might be guessing this CD is not your average Music-for Magic collection...and you'd be right!  28 tracks provides even the most casual user something useful.
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