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Opus 1 Productions has been providing the magic community with quality royalty-free music since 2000.  While our CD's have always been designed for magic shows, we've discovered more and more clients using the music for their promo videos, web sites, etc.  Video production houses, web masters and multi-media producers are also among the numerous clients that have purchased from us for hassle-free usage of great music.  Because the music is royalty-free, customers are able to use the music for a variety of purposes --large or small scale-- without any concerns for filling out cue sheets or registering tracks with performing rights organizations (PROs) such as ASCAP or BMI. 

The greatest benefit to using music from Opus 1 has always been the fact that the tracks were designed with certain illusions or routines in mind; you may find a better piece of music out there, but you may discover the only way to get it to 'work' is through extensive editing or modification of your routine --and at a higher cost. 

Our prices our extremely competitive as well, esp. considering the number of tracks on any one of our CD's.  Tracks purchased individually through our Download Store are extremely affordable, too, with the average price per track being under $3.00.  These tracks also include the hassle-free license for unlimited use. 

...A brief history...
Opus 1 Productions was founded in 1999 by composer Tommy Tierney and magician/composer Daniel Doss.  The two teamed-up with a simple philosophy: to create the best royalty-free music-for-magic, at the best price.


    Daniel's extensive knowledge as a life-long magician gave Tommy the proper insight into what it takes to write and record the perfect tracks for specific routines/illusions.  An accomplished musician as well, Daniel is also the director and producer of Thin Air Theatrics, has been commissioned to write 4 original musical scores for Kansas City theatres, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from the Conservatory of Music-Kansas City. 

Daniel is the author of the manuals for 'Sounds of the Sorcerer', 'Illusionique', and 'Imagination', and designed the 'Imagination' cover. 



Paul Arthur has contributed his talents as the voice-overs for the introduction and announcement/warning tracks on 'Sounds of the Sorcerer', and edited the Opus 1 manuals Daniel wrote.  Paul contributed his knowledge and technical expertise in magic during the sessions for 'Sounds of the Sorcerer' and 'Illusionique', helping to create the overall concept.  He continues to be active in stage and theatre productions.

 Classically trained in piano and composition at the same Conservatory Daniel attended, Tommy immersed himself in orchestration techniques, composing string quartets, choral pieces, and symphonic movements for full-scale orchestras. 

   After the 2002 release of 'Imagination', Opus 1's third CD, "Sacred Music: Hems for the Soul", was recorded as part of a fund-raising campaign for his church.  In 2004, Tommy decided to expand into the multi-media market, and began recording tracks for small radio and television productions.  Tommy's music is also in regular rotation on The Oprah Show (now featured on the OWN channel) Dr. Oz, Dance Moms, National Geographic, and has tracks placed with numerous other television networks and music libraries. 

Tommy is currently the owner/operator of Opus 1 Productions, producing all the music sold on this web site*.


*"Daydream" from Sounds of the Sorcerer was written by Daniel Doss
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